Welcome to the Southwest Whale Ecology Study (SouWEST)!

SouWEST is a collaborative science program which aims to to secure the long-term future of whales in Southwestern Australia by improving the scientific foundation for conservation management and species protection within this region.  Follow the progress of our research program on the News page, or explore the rest of the SouWEST website to learn more about some of the cetacean species which use the southwest region and the work which goes towards conserving them.

Humpback Fluke (Photo: Chris Burton)

Humpback Fluke (Photo: Chris Burton)

Blue, humpback, southern right and minke whales all use Southwestern Australia for migrating, resting, and/or calving each year. Not only does this Geographe Bay provide key habitat for these vulnerable or endangered, but it is one of very few locations in the world where the largest of these animals, the blue whale, migrates within hundreds of meters of the coast.

However, the Southwest has become increasingly attractive for developers and for what is already a booming tourism industry and is experiencing increasing human pressures with the rapidly growing population.

SouWEST integrates the research expertise of Western Whale Research (WWR), the Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) at Curtin University, and the community outreach experience of the Dunsborough Coast and Land Care (D-CALC) group.  Together, we aim to ensure the long-term conservation of whales and their critical habitats in Southwestern Australia.

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