Talks, seminars and workshops

SouWEST wishes to encourage engagement with the general public, community groups and government departments to promote involvement in marine science and communicate the outcomes of our research.

The south-west region of Australia is used by several whale species, such as the humpback, blue, southern right and minke whale, which are listed internationally as high-priority species for conservation.  These whales use this area for migrating, resting and/or calving each year.  Not only does Geographe Bay provide key habitat for whales of a variety of species, but it is one of the very few locations in the world where the largest of these animals, the blue whale, migrates within hundreds of meters of the coast. This region is highly significant for marine species biodiversity and requires careful conservation management to allow human activities and marine fauna to co-exist successfully.

We encourage local people to take pride in their marine environment and the species within it.  SouWEST is available to visit community groups and local organisations to give talks about our research and the whales of Geographe Bay.

If you would be interested in having SouWEST give a talk to your group, please Contact Us.