About Us

souwest-logo-with-wordsThe Southwest Whale Ecology Study (SouWEST) is a collaborative science program established a decade ago which integrates the research expertise of Western Whale Research (WWR), Oceans Blueprint, the Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) at Curtin University, and in the past the community outreach experience of the Dunsborough Coast and Land Care (D-CALC) group.  Together, we aim to ensure the long-term conservation of whales and their critical habitats in Southwestern Australia.

Why the Southwest?

Iconic cetacean species, such as the humpback, blue, southern right, and minke whale are listed internationally as high priority species for conservation due to their vulnerable/endangered status.  These whales use Southwestern Australia for migrating, resting and/or calving each year.  Not only does the Geographe Bay area provide key habitat for whales of a variety of species, but it is one of the very few locations in the world where the largest of these animals, the blue whale, migrates within hundreds of meters of the coast.

Because of the regions aesthetic beauty, lush forests, and uniquely high marine biodiversity, the Southwest has become increasingly attractive for developers and for what is already a booming tourism industry.  While the area is currently relatively pristine, it is experiencing increasing human pressures with the rapidly growing population.  SouWEST endeavours to secure the long-term future of these whales by improving the scientific foundation for conservation management and species protection in the region.

What information is SouWEST collecting?

To obtain a broad understanding of whale behaviour in critical resting areas and migratory corridors, SouWEST integrates multiple platforms including:  land-based monitoring and theodolite tracking, boat-basted behavioural, genetic and photo-identification surveys; and passive acoustic recording of whale song and vocalisations.  These observations represent a powerful tool for obtaining a broad understanding of whale migratory behaviour in critical resting areas, as well as the social contexts of these behaviours.

How is the Geographe Bay community involved?

SouWEST engages the general public, community groups, and government departments to promote involvement and communicate research outcomes.  Through community engagement, a broad education and awareness campaign is possible.

I still want to know more!

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