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SouWEST is involved in a variety of exciting events suiting all ages and scientific backgrounds. If you would like to let us know about a specific event, or would like more information about any of the events listed below, please Contact Us.

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24th January 2013 – “Passive acoustic monitoring of baleen whales in Western Australia:  implications of the acoustic environment in environmental impact assessment

Angela (left) and Xyomara (front, centre) networking with other conservationists

Angela (left) and Xyomara (front, centre) networking with other conservationists

Angela Recalde-Salas presents a poster at the Student Conference on Conservation Science Australia, running from the 21st January to the 1st February 2013 at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia).  Displaying the work of Chandra Salgado Kent, Alexander Gavrilov, Robert McCauley, Angela Recalde-Salas and Alec Duncan (all of CMST) this study uses acoustic data collected from Geographe Bay and Binningup, WA.  The poster discusses how biological and human-made noise travels in these areas, and the issues we must consider when trying to conduct acoustic monitoring of marine species.

23rd November 2012 – “Passive acoustic monitoring of baleen whales in Geographe Bay, Western Australia”

Dr Chandra Salgado Kent will be presenting the results of acoustic whale monitoring in Geographe Bay to the Australian Acoustical Society annual conference.  This paper represents the work of:  Salgado Kent, C., Gavrilov, A., Recalde-Salas, A., Burton, C. and McCauley R. using data from the 2008-2011 period.

14th November 2012 – “Whales of Geographe Bay”.

Talk at Busselton Naturalists Club

Talk at Busselton Naturalists Club

SouWEST researcher Sarah Marley will be talking to the Busselton Naturalists Club about the whales of Geographe Bay.  The talk will cover the history of whaling in Geographe Bay, how to identify local whale species, and what research is being done to enhance the conservation of these animals.

30th October 2012 – “Monitoring of Baleen Whales in Geographe Bay, Western Australia”.

SouWEST researchers Sarah Marley and Angela Recalde-Salas will be giving a free seminar at the Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) at Curtin University.