Corporate Support

SouWEST encourages companies to take an active involvement in conservation work.  We are delighted to work with environmentally-aware companies, and are grateful for their support.

Project Funding and Sponsorship

As SouWEST is run entirely by volunteers, we are constantly seeking additional funding to further our research potential.  Day-to-day field costs are high, as we require funding to cover accommodation, living expenses and transport of volunteers.  Furthermore, we have additional costs associated with purchasing research equipment, promotional materials, and educational resources.  In exchange for sponsorship, your business or organisation will receive a number of new promotional opportunities associated with SouWEST events and endeavours.  For further information, please Contact Us.

Equipment and Training

We are always grateful for the support of companies and individuals who wish to donate equipment and goods, or provide training and professional services to help us work effectively and efficiently. We are also really happy to receive small gifts that we can use for raffles or to auction. To discuss this further, please Contact Us.

Previous Supporters

Previous corporate supports of SouWEST include:

Eagle Bay Brewery


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