School Visits

SouWEST wishes to inspire young Australians to get involved with science. We are able to tailor talks for both children and young adults to increase awareness of the marine fauna surrounding the south-west.

Whale Warriors school incursions give you and your class the opportunity to find out more about the whales that travel down the coast on their annual migration.

Hear about our marine and citizen scientists studying whales as part of the South West Whale Ecology Study. Learn about the new discoveries they are making, the threats that whales face and how we can work together to protect our oceans and these majestic creatures.

Book a presenter to visit your class for a our standard Whaley Cool incursion, or add a scientist as a guest presenter for a little more! * Scientist attendance subject to availability

Each incursion has a special whale focus and include a ‘Creative Conservation’ science or art activity. Look for the microscope and art mug symbols for these special offerings.

Choose from one of our incursions  and our education team can customise it for your year group! Email us at