SouWEST Team

Associate Professor Chandra Salgado Kent (Oceans Blueprint, Edith Cowan University, & Curtin University):  Director of Oceans Blueprint, Associate Professor at the Centre for Marine Ecosystems Research in the School of Science at Edith Cowan University, and Adjunct Associate Research Fellow at the Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST) at Curtin University, with over 20 years conducting marine research, Chandra first became involved in whale research in Australia’s southwest in 2008 when she deployed acoustic loggers in Geographe Bay to study whale song.  In 2010, in collaboration with Western Whale Research, Chandra set up a theodolite station from a hill on Cape Naturaliste to complement the land-based surveys run by WWR and D-CALC.

Chris profileChris Burton (Western Whale Research):  Director of Western Whale Research (WWR), Chris has been involved in long-term cetacean research in Western Australia since 1985.  He originally conducted vessel-based research in cooperation with the whale-watching industry in Geographe Bay in 1994, and consequently began a land-based research project in 2003 to monitor blue, humpback and other whales.  In 2004, Chris partnered with Ron (D-CALC) to involve the local community in whale monitoring.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is marnie-with-burtons-large-without-border-1.jpgMarnie Giroud (Eco Gecko Environment & Design): Conservationist, television presenter, educator and artist. Having worked in schools and state government specialising in arts, community engagement, and citizen
science, she now runs her own business – Eco Gecko – Environment & Design. Her artwork has been exhibited in Perth and regional WA and her cartoon ‘Tall Tales from the Northern Valleys’ appears in a regional paper. Conservation efforts include caring for wildlife, managing dolphin, mammal and bird monitoring projects including the world’s rarest marsupial. She spent 13 years working in the Amazon jungle rescuing wildlife, managing an international team and education project. Marnie’s mantra is ‘Creative Conservation’, and it drives everything she does. 

Angela and Sarah profileAngela Recalde-Salas (Curtin University) & Sarah Marley (University of Portsmouth):  Angela and Sarah are former Field Coordinators. Sarah also created and managed media content for the program over many years while undertaking her PhD at Curtin University.  She is now a lecturer at the University of Portsmouth. Angela undertook her PhD on whales in Geographe Bay and is now a post-doctoral researcher at Curtin University. Both continues to collaborate on the program.

Volunteers:  Each year, SouWEST is joined by many volunteers, citizen scientists and marine science students.  We would like to recognise the many amazing voluteers that are integral to this program. 

Present Volunteers: Jen Baker, Alison Butler, Jenny Buckley, Jacqueline Bullard, Sue Calder, Marcelle Campbell, Jenny Clark, Penny De Cuyper, Kaye Filmer, Marie Gibney, Jen Gill, Sorcha Gillen, Pip Girdler, Aviva Gordon, Peter and Maree Jager, Julia Lang, Margie Langoulant, Leonie Maslin, Pam Masters, Sylvia and Rob Mutch, Carol OBrien, Rodney Peterson, Alison Price, Nita Pratt, Blair Ranford, Justine Roberts, Therese & Mike Sayers, James Shannon, Frank & Andrea Shoeneck, Shae Small, Jo & Geoff Taylor, Stuart Taylor, Nicole van ES, Lyn Ward, Ian Wiese, Pam Willimott.

Past Volunteers:  Ron Glencross (Dunsborough Coast and Land Care):  Former President of the Rons profileDunsborough Coast and Land Care (D-CALC) group, Ron in partnership with Western Whale Research  coordinated citizen science volunteers over many years.   

In addition, we thank Jen Bennett, Cathy Burton, Susan Chalmers, Jim & Corrine Casey, Yvonne Dignon, Caroline Dowley, Vaile Drake, Ron & Cindy Glencross, Paula Green, Beth Hall, Ron and Jackie Lovelock, Renee Maurice, Kate McGeachie, Jenny Morris, Jill Moyes, Jill Munro, Bec Oliver, Micheal Stewart, Anthony Sutton, Andrew & Helen Svalbe, Yvonne Winchcombe, Sandy Winkle, Susan Chalmers, Sharon Livermore, Damien Morales, Chella Armstrong, Marie Attard, Philippe Bouchet, Jacklyn Buchanan, Peta Campbell, Xyomara Carretero Pinzón, Aoife Foley, Sasha Guggenheimer, Sue Mason, Bec Oliver, Sylvia Osterrieder, Nick Riddoch, Eloisa Wainwright, Jo-Marie Acebes, Emma Gates, and Estenio Paiva, Catherine Attard, Marie Attard, Lauren Holmes, and Victoria Warwick-Evans., eborah Pinto Fernandes, Lydia Neta, Sara Niksic, Lucy Rudd and Huiying Wu for their commitment over many seasons since the programs establishment.