Humpbacks are heading our way!

The Humpback Whales are starting to come through #geographebay for the 2022 migration season!

We brought our incredible volunteer citizen scientists together at a pre-season get together to chat about the upcoming monitoring of whales in the region.

Read more about it from Oceans Blueprint’s post below:

SouWEST held an event last weekend to bring all the volunteers together before the start of the season. The volunteers heard about what research they are contributing to, why it is so important and how we can continue to collect data 🐋 We are so lucky to have such an amazing community contribute to this research ✨

SouWEST is a collaboration between @westernwhaleresearch@ecogeckoenvironment and @oceansblueprint that brings scientists and citizens together to collect data that can help understand long-term patterns of whale populations in the south-region of WA. We look forward to sharing more about this collaboration soon!

Thanks to @brodie_elsdon and @davey_lierich for sharing their knowledge also, keep up the fantastic work!

📸 credit: @chepitososa


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