Whale Volunteers Having a Fin-tastic Season!

Volunteers began observations from Pt. Piquet on September 1st this year, and what a start it was! Huge numbers of humpbacks were already moving through Geographe Bay, more so than any year since 2006, with a total of over 800 recorded in the first 4 weeks. This was also reflected in the sighting rate (number of whales per hour of effort) of up to 6/hr for the first week compared to around 2-3/hr for previous seasons. The number of whales recorded from Pt. Piquet during October and November has been much lower than usual. It appears that more whales than usual are moving south in offshore waters as they migrate south and fewer are being observed in shallower waters closer to the coast, with the Curtin University team on the Hill, confirming this.

Pygmy blue whale migrating south through Geographe Bay

Pygmy blue whale migrating through Geographe Bay

The blue whale migration appears to have reverted to the ‘normal’ November southward movement with only a few recorded in October. Some large pods of blues have been seen during November.

Many thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time during the 2014 whale migration through Geographe Bay, it is very valued indeed!


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