SouWEST attends international conservation conference

Next week, Angela Recalde-Salas (Centre for Marine Science and Technology (CMST)) will be attending the Student Conference on Conservation Science Australia.  Running from the 21st January to the 1st February 2013 at the University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia), the conference aims to build a network of early career conservation science professionals across the Asia-Pacific region.

Attendance was limited to 125 researchers and competition was fierce, but Angela secured a place and will be presenting a poster entitled:  “Passive acoustic monitoring of baleen whales in Western Australia:  implications of the acoustic environment in environmental impact assessment“.  Displaying the work of Chandra Salgado Kent, Alexander Gavrilov, Robert McCauley, Angela Recalde-Salas and Alec Duncan (all of CMST) this study uses acoustic data collected from Geographe Bay and Binningup, WA.  The poster discusses how biological and human-made noise travels in these areas, and the issues we must consider when trying to conduct acoustic monitoring of marine species.

The poster will be on display from the 22nd – 25th January in the Queensland Biosciences Precinct Auditorium Foyer, University of Queensland (St Lucia campus).  The poster will be officially presented on the 24th January between 12:30 – 3:30pm.

Whilst she is there, Angela will attend a number of talks, fieldtrips and workshops, where she will receive training in skills and tools for regional conservation scientists.  She will be rubbing shoulders with researchers from around the world – and spreading the good name of SouWEST as she does so!  Good luck Angela!


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