Onwards and Upwards!

We have just passed the 600 visitor mark for the SouWEST website!  Hurrah!

It’s wonderful that we have had so much interest since the website’s creation a mere two weeks ago.  Hopefully you have noticed the slow (but steady!) improvements to the website.  We now have a section talking about the Project Aims and what SouWEST hopes to achieve, as well as some information about the various members of our 2010 and 2011 teams.  The Research section is also slowly developing – it will soon have information on the  collaborating bodies and their research, as well as explanations of the various research techniques employed by different associates of the SouWEST group.  We also now have a Guestbook, where you can leave comments for the SouWEST crew!

Remember also to check out our Facebook page, where we have regular updates about whale sightings, research progress, and website news!  We also have a range of photos from the project, showing our happy team at work 🙂  If you would like to receive email updates from SouWEST, there is a subscription box on the right side-bar of the website.

Happy Team!


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