The Start of a Blue-tiful Season!


We saw our first blue whale of the season today! We had been wrestling with uncooperative equipment for a while and had just switched to manual observations when we received a call from Chris down on the point.

Did you see it?” he said.
See what?” we asked.
The blue! 500m offshore coming this way!

And sure enough a few minutes later up popped our blue whale! It surfaced three times before sliding beneath the surface once again.

Cue excited screams all round.
I can’t believe how big it is!” squeeled Angela. “It’s massive!

Our bluey surfaced a few more times over the next 25mins before disappearing round the point. We decided to call it a day, as the rain clouds loomed overhead.

Apart from our magnificent blue whale, we also saw several humpback whale pods. Quite a few of the animals were active at the surface, including a breaching mum and calf a few kilometers out.

Hopefully a good sign for the rest of the season!


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